The Profile Cloud API provides support for web apis through query parameters. The list of supported query parameters and their description is specified below.

Query parameter

Acceptable values


typejson, jsonp, imgIf type is specified as a query parameter for a request, then the corresponding response will be of that type. The query parameter overrides the Accept HTTP request header.
methodGET, POST, PUT, DELETEIf a method query parameter is specified then the request url will be called with that method. A typical use case would be to override a GET request with a POST, PUT or DELETE
callback<callbackMethodName>callback query parameter is used in conjunction with type=jsonp. The callback query parameter represents the callback method name for jsonp responses. Default value for callback is "callback" or none if type is not jsonp. The response json will be encapsulated as "callback && callback({"...":"...", ...});
data<jsonData>It is possible to specify the json data to be supplied in a request in the request url as data query parameter. Typical use case is to create or update a profile from an <img /> tag which only supports method GET.
limitSize<Int>It is possible to limit the size of the returned profiile by specifying the size of profile in Kilobytes.
returnProfiletrue or falseIt is possible to disable returning of the profile by specifying the returnProfile query parameter. Default value for returnProfile is true.
suppress_response_codetrue or falseIt is possible to always get a 200 OK back from the API by specifying the query paramter suppress_response_code as true. Default value for supress_response_code is false.