Some of the data we collect on you are tied to a unique ID, which is assigned to you on your first visit. This ID lives in a cookie in your browser and is connected to our systems. Simply deleting this cookie will not stop data collection, but since we cannot see your cookie - and therefore not your ID - we need you help us find it, so we can match you in our systems, and make sure no more data is collected.

In terms of privacy it's not a weakness, it is actually a strength that the data can not be retrieved without this, since no person can go in and look at precisely your data, and, if setup correctly, no person can recognize you based on this data.

In order to locate your Profile ID you need to follow these steps.

Quick-Guide for the web-savvy

  • Go to our website [INSERT SITENAME HERE]

  • Open your browser’s console

  • Paste in and hit RETURN  

  • Send us the result

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Visit our site [INSERT SITENAME HERE]

Open your browser and go to our website.  [WEBSITE URL]

Step 2: Go to the Console

When the page is loaded, you will need to open the browser console. How to do this depends on your platform and browser. The process for the latest versions of the most used browsers is described below.



Press  CTRL  +  SHIFT   I  to open the Developer Tools.

Press ESC (or click on “Show console” in the bottom right corner) to slide the console up.


Press  CMD  +  OPTION  +  I  to open the Developer Tools.

Press  ESC  (or click on “Show console” in the bottom right corner) to slide the console up.

Note: In Chrome’s dev tools, there is a “console” tab. However, a smaller “slide-up” console can be opened while any of the other tabs is active.


Press  CMD  +  OPTION  +  J    

Note: The console only works if the “Show Develop menu in menu bar” check box in the Advanced tab of the Preferences menu is checked!



Press  CTRL  +  SHIFT  +  K  to open the Web console


Press  CMD  +  OPTION  +  K  top open the Web console

Internet Explorer:

Press  F12  to enter Developer Tools

Click on the Console tab


Press  CTRL  +  SHIFT  +   J  to open the Web console

Step 3: Retrieve your Profile ID

In the console window type in the following string and hit  RETURN

You may copy and paste it as well

The result should look something like this:

Step 4: Send your ID

The string in red is your Profile ID. Copy this, and send it to us using