Before installing the plugin, a Profile Cloud account needs to be setup with your configured segments. The Profile Cloud API requires setup of “Company”, “Bucket” and an APP_KEY for accessing the web service. For further information go to:


Account configuration

  • Add the Episerver App in the Profile Cloud App Store.

  • In the Profile Cloud Dashboard, select the Bucket to be used.
  • Collect the information for Bucket and Api Key.

System Requirements

This version of the Apsis Profile Cloud Episerver plugin is compatible with Episerver CMS 7.17 and later versions, and requires .NET framework 4.5.


Follow one of the below instructions for installation.

Automatic installation:

  • Install the “Apsis.ProfileCloud.Episerver” Nuget package in Visual Studio from “”

Manual installation:

  • Download the “Apsis.ProfileCloud.Episerver” Nuget package from “”, and extract it to a folder.
  • Copy the “Apsis.ProfileCloud.Episerver.dll” to your website bin-folder.
  • Add the Plugins-folder to your website root folder: “<Root>\Plugins\Admin\ApsisProfileCloud\Settings.aspx”
  • Add the Views-folder to your website root folder:
  • “<Root>\Views\Shared\EditorTemplates\SegmentModel.ascx”
  • Restart the website

Admin tool for Profile Cloud settings

After installing the plugin a new tool will be available in Episerver Admin mode for Profile Cloud settings.

Enable: Enable the Profile Cloud plugin

API Key: Your Profile Cloud “app_key”. Use the “Api key” found under the “App data access settings” for the Bucket.

Company ID: The ID of the Company

Bucket ID: The ID of the Bucket

Create Episerver Visitor Groups

A new Visitor Group category “Apsis Segment Criteria” will be available when creating Visitor Groups. The “Segment” criteria is used to create Visitor Groups that match one or more Profile Cloud Segments.

When selecting “Match Any” the visitor must be a member of at least one of the selected segments to match the criteria.

When selecting “Match All” the visitor must be a member of all the selected segments to match the criteria.

Configuration Settings

Configuration settings are optional settings that can be added to your website solution. If the default settings for the Profile Cloud API changes, the following settings can be changed.


Maximum timeout value to prevent delay from the Profile Cloud API. Default value: 500 (ms)


Default value:{0}/buckets/{1}/profiles/{2}?app_key={3}


Default value:{0}/buckets/{1}/segment-id-evaluation?profile_id={2}&segment_id={3}&app_key={4}


Default value: &segment_id={0}


Default value:{0}/buckets/{1}/segments?app_key={2}


Setting this to “false” will override the settings in Episerver Admin mode. Default value: true


  <add key="Apsis.ProfileCloud.Episerver.Timeout" value="500" />

  <add key="Apsis.ProfileCloud.Episerver.ProfileUrlFormat" value="{0}/buckets/{1}/profiles/{2}?app_key={3}" />

  <add key="Apsis.ProfileCloud.Episerver.EvaluatingSegmentUrlFormat" value="{0}/buckets/{1}/segment-id-evaluation?profile_id={2}&segment_id={3}&app_key={4}" />

<add key="Apsis.ProfileCloud.Episerver.EvaluatingAdditionalSegmentUrlFormat" value="&profile_id={0}" />

  <add key="Apsis.ProfileCloud.Episerver.SegmentListUrlFormat" value="{0}/buckets/{1}/segments?app_key={2}" />

  <add key="Apsis.ProfileCloud.Episerver.Enabled" value="true" />