About Client Care

Client care is the organization that handles all your support issues.

Examples of client care requests are:

  • Login or password problems
  • Setting-up of a new account
  • Technical issues or queries
  • Bug reporting
  • Usage of the tool

Only supported users can contact Client Care

You must be a supported user to contact Client Care. Each organization will typically receive two supported user licenses when purchasing an APSIS product. Supported users will receive a Client Care account welcome e-mail with contact and login details.

If you are unsure whether you are a supported user, you can ask either APSIS directly at support@apsis.com or contact your APSIS product reseller.

How to contact Client Care.

If you need support, first have a look in our FAQ (see section 3. “Access the FAQ Knowledgebase”). If you cannot find your answer there, you have the following ways of contacting Client Care:

  • Through your Client Care account. URL: innometrics.kayako.com. Log in and post your own client care ticket directly in the interface.
  • By e-mail. Email address support@apsis.com
  • By telephone. The Client Care telephone number is listed in the Client Care account welcome e-mail. When calling Client Care you will need to identify yourself with name and company. Phone hours:
    • 09 – 17 CET Mon-Fri (For registering new client care tickets, follow-up on existing tickets and possibilities of real-time support)
    • 17 – 09 CET All days (For registering new tickets only)

Time for resolving support tickets

As the nature of support queries can be very different, we cannot promise to resolve your ticket in real-time or within an agreed defined period of time. We can only promise to solve it as fast as possible. For more complicated issues that are not solved immediately, we will keep you updated on the progress along the way.

Login or password problems

If you have forgotten your “Company” or “Username”, please contact Client Care.  If you have forgotten your password, please press the “Forgot your password?” link.

Access the FAQ Knowledgebase

There are three ways of accessing the FAQ Knowledgebase:

  • From the login console (profilecloud.apsis1.com). Please click on “View more help topics” or any of the “Help Topics”.

  • If you are already logged in to the APSIS Platform, you can access the FAQ Knowledgebase from the Help tab in your account.

  • You can also access the FAQ Knowledgebase by logging in to your Client Care account and clicking on ‘FAQ‘ in the top menu.



Inside your Client Care account

Inside your Client Care account you are able to:

  • Create your own support tickets
  • Follow the progress of your support tickets
  • Access the FAQ Knowledgebase page

Client Care

FAQ Knowledgebase