1.    Custom chart widgets

The Statistics App now features a new button:

By clicking this button, you can take the current chart exactly how it is displayed at that time, and convert it into a Dashboard Widget.

In the popup dialog, you can configure the widget settings:

  1. Title: this title will be displayed above the widget
  2. Which dashboard: widget can be saved to either the Main Bucket Dashboard (the one you see right after login, or after clicking the APSIS logo in the top left); or to the Statistics App's Dashboard page.
  3. Size: Widgets come in two sizes, single and double. This setting affects the height of the Widget. The width is determined by which Dashboard area it's put into (top, left or right). All widgets work in all sizes, but some sizes may fit certain types of charts better or worse.
  4. Show legend: this setting allows the user to show or hide the legend for the chart in the widget.

Once all settings are configured, you can click the 'save' button and the Widget will be added to the selected Dashboard: 

By default, the widget is added to the "top" area of the Dashboard, but by clicking the pen icon next to the Dashboard label, you can move it somewhere else if desired. 

By creating different charts in the Statistics App, and saving them as Widgets, users can thus set up both the Statistics Dashboard and the Main Bucket Dashboard to their liking. Below a sample Dashboard with a few interesting (?) charts:

2.    Top Events widget

Additionally, there is a 'special' new widget provided from the Statistics App: Top Events.

This Widget lists the top 8 Events by total volume, over a selected time period, and also shows most recent trend.

You can click the "options" link to configure the time period. It currently supports 3 time periods:

  • Past 24 hours (split by hour)
  • Past 30 days (split by day)
  • Past 12 months (split by month)
    (In a future release we will also add the ability to manually select which Events to display in this list)

  • Dashboard configurations are individual per user. You can change your own Dashboards without affecting anyone else's.

Dashboards are separate per Bucket. So you can have a different Statistics App Dashboard for each Bucket in your account.