The Technology value returns information about the visitor’s technical platform such as operating system, device, browser and browser version.

You will need to specify the type of information that you would like to use. Double click on the building block after you have dropped it in the Event data area to select a type.

1. OS: if you select OS, you will get a value indicating what operating system the visitor uses.

The possible values for OS are:
- Mac OS X
- Windows
- Linux
- iPhone
- iPad
- Android

2. Device: if you select Device, you will get a value indicating which device the visitor used to browse the site.

The possible values for Device are:
- Mac OS X Desktop (Mac desktop system)
- Windows Desktop (Windows hardware, also called PC)
- Linux Desktop
- iPad Tablet (iPad 10 inches device)
- iPhone Phone (iPhone less than 5 inches device)
- Android Tablet
- Android Phone (Android Phone less than 7 inches screen)

3. Browser:

The possible values for Browser are:
- Explorer (Internet Explorer)
- Firefox
- Chrome
- Safari
- Opera
- iCab
- OmniWeb
- Netscape
- Mozilla

4. Browser Version: It will return the version of the browser. i.e 9, 10 etc.

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