Set variable building block stores data in the visitor’s browser as a cookie or in local storage. It is useful when you want to store data in the visitor’s browser. Collect and store a value on one page, and use it on another page or session. Collect data and use Set variable on the first page, and Get variable on the event you want to use it e.g. next session. One example could be to capture the name of a product a user shows interest in the first session, and re-use the data on the next session to display an ad with relevant content.

Double click or drag the Set variable building block to the event data field. Click on the building block to select your options

  1. Variable name: A name of the cookie or local storage intended to be used. The name used here will also be used to use this data in “get variable”. See “help on get variable
  2. Dynamic data value: The value that will be stored can either be a Dynamic value or a Static value. If you choose to use a “Dynamic data value” you will have specify and connect another data value to the set variable building block.
  3. Type: Specify whether you want one value and overwrite an existing value with another or adding all values in one string (pushed). Note that push will only add the value to values previously stored with the push type.
  4. Storage: Store the data in a cookie or  local storage