To create a new event, go to APSIS Web Data Collection app and click on the tab “Events”. Click on “Create new event definition

  1. Name: Give the event a name
  2. ID: An ID is automatically generated (only for technical users). This ID is used to identify the event in the data structure.
  3. Category: Optional categorising of the events to maintain a good and understandable structure of the events
  4. Description: Optional description field to describe the event in order to keep track of all the events and their purpose.
  5. Add your event to your cloud profiles: Whether the event is to be stored in profile cloud or not. Some events (data) are created to be used and stored in the profiles such as product views, logins, purchases etc. Some events are created for other purposes and will not be useful to store in the profiles. Can, for example, be events that are part of a segment or used for web analytics purposes. Therefore, it is important to determine beforehand whether the created event will be stored or not in the profile.
  6. Click on create.