How to test your changes before deploying them

APSIS is a powerful software that allows you to apply changes immediately on any site, regardless of code or CMS used, the only requirement being that the APSIS tag has been implemented on the website.

However, before you apply a change to your live website, you have the possibility to test it.

Testing in APSIS is very simple. You can work in the software and add a new event or edit existing ones, and test them immediately on your website. In dev mode, you are the only one seeing the changes: the changes are not yet deployed to live mode where all other visitors to the website would see them.

Working with the bookmarklets

To test your changes, you only must install 2 bookmarklets, by dragging them to the bookmarks bar in your browser:

Dev mode (Apsis)

Live mode (Apsis)

Now you can go to your website, where APSIS Profile Cloud is installed, and click the bookmarklet Dev mode (Apsis). Your website will reload and will now display the changes that are in dev mode. You are the only one to see the changes, any other visitor to the website still see the live mode. You can click the bookmarklet Live mode (Apsis) to switch back to live mode yourself.

When you work in dev mode on your website, using the bookmarklets, a widget is placed in the bottom right corner that helps you verify if an event is effectively being triggered. The widget displays a log of all events that have recently been triggered, allowing you to see if the event you are verifying was effectively triggered when it should.