What is a form interaction?

On websites, forms are all the fields where the visitor can type in or select information. For instance, search forms, newsletter subscription forms, login forms, registration forms etc.

How to define a form interaction? 

Use the trigger “In-page interaction”. Click on it to access the widget.

Detect the "form" interaction by following these 3 steps:

1. When the on-site widget detects an area that is a form it will show an extra icon. Click the little icon on the far left of the grey selected area, this you will allow the widget to identify that an element is specifically a form.

2. The widget area will display “form” if this was successful.

3. Now select what type of interaction you are referring to by using the drop-down that appears in the widget. For the form, you usually want to select the "submit" interaction, for your rule to be triggered when the user submits the form.

Step 1.

Step 2-3.