Working principle
Regular expressions are used for finding a specific sequence of characters in a string and it will work only in stored values referenced as a string. Like every other filtering method of the IQL, it will test if the assumption between pattern and value is true or false. For this reason, it will never return matched patterns.

  • Syntax
    APSIS regex allows only a specific subset of traditional implementation. It is based on the JavaScript one, precisely the one defined in ECMAScript 3, but the pattern \0, matching null, is forbidden.
  • Flags
    In the APSIS interface, you can set two flags, that will modify the behaviour of pattern matching.


  1. Pattern case sensitive
    Regex are by default case sensitive, which means that if a pattern contains "a", it will only match "a" and never "A". Activating this flag will make "a" match "a" or "A", and the same for all letters.
  2. Multiline
    Regex allow you to define if a pattern should be at the beginning or at the end of a string. Activating multiline flag will replicate this behaviour at every line break. 
  • Java
    This implementation will always activate "Pattern.UNICODE_CASE" flag and use the matches function.
  • JavaScript
    This implementation will always activate "g" flag and use the test function.