As Mandrill is sending transactional emails based on triggered events, there are occasions you would want to delay the email after the event has triggered. An example of a delay may be a couple of days after your user has visited your website or engaged in a specific product or brand. The delay might be a couple of hours after a user has abandoned the shopping cart and not coming back and completed the purchase. If however, the user has left the shopping cart and recently went back to the website and completed the purchase the email should not reach your customer. In those occasions, it is important to define an action (event) to stop the email. In this case, a completed order is such an action that should stop the email. A stopper is optional to use. Each stopper rule can only be assigned to one starter rule.

Go to the tab “rules” in the Mandrill app and select “stopper” and click on “create

Subscribe to event type:

Select the action (event) that stop the mail to be sent, in this case, a purchase on the website, the order complete event.

“Timeout rule ID” 

Select the email to stop (the starter rule).