Send event-based emails through the Mandrill email platform.

  •     Enable the mandrill app from Profile Cloud app store.

  1. Settings
    Mandrill setting is only done once per bucket. If it’s already set you don’t need to follow the setting-instruction. Jump directly to “Create new item”.
    Go to the mandrill app under tab “settings” and add the mandrill login key. This key can be found in your Mandrill account under “Settings – API Keys”.

         *The 2 other fields (“API version” and “API URL”) should be left as they are.

  2. Create new item

When the setting has been done, go to the tab “Rules” and click on “Create new item”.

There are three below options.

  • Starter: It’s the option to define what action (event) to trigger the email.

  • Advanced starter: is the same as “starter” but with an advanced option to allow you writing your own HTML DOM for cases such as sending a list of products dynamically which might be difficult to do directly in Mandrill. This option is often used for a product list in abandon cart emails.

  • Stopper: as Mandrill is sending transactional emails based on triggered events, there are occasions you would want to delay the email after your user´s action has taken place. The delay may be a couple of days after your user has visited and left your website. The delay might be a couple of hours after a user has abandoned the shopping cart and not coming back and completed the purchase. In those occasions, it is important to define an action (event) to stop the email. In many cases, a purchase is such an action you would want to stop a retargeting email to be sent. A stopper is optional to use. Each stopper rule can only be assigned to one starter rule.