This guide is a simple use case to describe how to send a data value to google analytics. The guide is describing how to send a page name to Google Analytics. Keep in mind that this process is applicable on any data value you want to send to Google Analytics and not only the page name. The only difference is how the event is built to fetch the data value you want to send.

Sending the page name

Add a trigger that corresponds to your need. The majority of analytics events are triggered on a page load since most analytics reports are based on page loads, as in this case.  

Now create the conditions needed for the event and make sure the value you want to send to Google Analytics is available.

In this case the building block “Page title” is suitable.

Under the category “Tags” your Google Analytics tag will be present if installed. Insert the Google Analytics app by double click on it.

Connect the Page title to the Google Analytics tag. This is done in order for the google analytics element to send the intended value i.e. page title.

Then, click on the “Google Analytics element” to display the options. Select the Google Analytics variable, “Virtual page view”.

After clicking OK, Save the event.