Facebook Connect Data – added to Profile Cloud

Connect your Facebook sign-in application to profile cloud and bring relevant customer data to the profiles. The Facebook collect app brings all Facebook data made available through Facebook Connect into Profile Cloud.


  1. Improve Display retargeting performance with more relevant offers

  2. Implement Facebook login with Profile Cloud with no new code required or leverage an existing FB Connect implementation.

  3. Bring in all FB Connect data

  4. Update Profile Cloud Profiles with new information from FB - hourly, daily or trigger an update based on behaviour.

  5. Use FB data in the rest of Profile Cloud to feed other channels

  6. Create segments of your visitor and customer based on FB data. Examples below
  • Activities listed on the profile
  • Photo albums names created
  • Books listed in profile
  • Events the person is attending
  • Family relationships
  • Links posted on the feed
  • Friends list
  • Groups the person belongs to
  • Interests in the person's profile
  • Likes
  • Movies listed in the person's profile
  • Music listed in the person's profile
  • Pokes
  • Achievements in games

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