Sometimes you want to use your profiles without exposing all of the data inside.

For example, if you are doing website personalization with Profile Cloud you might want the website to use visitor’s browsing history on your site, which you track and store in Profile Cloud. But you might also have call center data in your customers' profiles that you prefer is not exposed to them.

Profile Cloud provides a mechanism called Blacklists that allow you to configure what data in a profile is visible to what actors.

Let’s say we have two apps, Web Personalisation and Call Center. Call Center is a Collect app that feeds data about your users’ interactions with your call center into their profiles.

By adding Call Center to the blacklist of Web Personalisation, all the call center data will be hidden from Web Personalisation. It will still get all the rest of the profile and be able to use this for personalisations.

By blacklisting apps to each other, you have full control over what data is available in what setting. This is particularly useful for open channels like the web, where you might only want to show a subset of all profile data.


Go to the bucket settings in the bucket list. Click on the App you want to add restriction to and click on “Add collect app to blacklist