Installing the On-site widget bookmarklet

To be able to use the On-site widget, make sure you have the bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar. Simply drag the link below to your bookmarks bar:

On-site widget

How to install Widget:

Go to “APSIS Web Data Collection” and then “Setting” you will find below “Bookmarklets”, Just drag and drop them in your Browser Bookmarks Bar.

Bookmark Bar for different browsers:




Using the On-site widget

Start in the Event editor and select one of the building blocks for which you can use the on-site widget:

  • In-page interaction
  • Value from page
  • Scroll to element

Drag one of these building blocks to the corresponding area, click on it. You will now be asked for the URL of the page you want to apply the on-site widget on. The URL entered in your Site settings is set as default but you can also specify one yourself. Enter the site by clicking OK.

Click on the bookmarklet to open the on-site widget, this will allow you to start to interact and select elements from your page.