Creating New User

Company administrators have the options to create new or edit current users.

  1.  Click on “My Account” in the top right navigation bar. Click on “Users” and “Create new User”
  2. Go to the top right navigation bar and click on “+” New User. Both ways are leading to the user admin

  3. Username: Add a login name
  4. Name: Name of the user
  5. E-mail: Email address of the user
  6. Timezone: Select the time zone the user operates in. The timezone setting is used to log the user-activity in terms of deploy and changes to events correctly
  7. Password: If blank, the user will receive an activation mail to set a new password. If a password is set, the user will not have to set a new password.
  8. User Picture: User can upload a picture while, or after creating the account.

User Group: 

  • If you set the status to user, the user will not be able to perform any administrative tasks such as creating new users and new sections. A user will be able to create and change events but not deploy to production nor create custom building blocks or apps.

Add access buckets.

  • There are possibilities to restrict a user to specific buckets, sections and apps. Click on “Add Rule” to select access to apps, buckets and section. By clicking on “Add rule” the options to give access to specific apps.

  • There are also options to restrict buckets and sections per app. This option will appear after you selected access to apps.

  • Whitelist IPs: An admin can set a list of IPs (or IP ranges) from which a user must connect to the GUI. For instance, to restrict the user (or anyone who would have stolen the user’s login/password) to only connect from the office IP.  Add the IPs (or IP ranges) to the Whitelist IPs field.
  • Expiration date:  Admins can set an expiration date for users in their account. Click on the field Expiration date and insert your desired expiration date. When the date is reached the user will no longer be able to log in.