What is a Section in APSIS?

A Section in web data collection corresponds to a website on which APSIS is installed. It is easy to work with multiple websites in APSIS: all your current Section appear in the top right corner; you can easily switch between them and perform any operation for the specified event, such as adding a new event, editing an existing one or enabling Tags/Apps.

Benefits of working with multiple websites in APSIS

Separating your websites or parts of websites, into different sections in APSIS makes it simple to know which events run on which website, and to deploy changes separately. You can also allow some of the users in your company to get access to a particular section in web data collection, while other users get access to other section in web data collection.

Best practice in working with multiple websites

We recommend splitting up your website environment based on:

  • Different websites and platforms: for instance, one APSIS section in web data collection for the e-commerce platform, one for the content platform, and one for the blog
  • Different languages/locales: one APSIS section in web data collection for each language version or local version of the website
  • Section: if each website section is large and you want different users to work on different website sections in APSIS, you can split website sections into different sections in web data collection.

APSIS Client Care can help you with a recommended setup.