Define, trigger and deploy a pop up in a few steps using the APSIS targeted pop-up. The pop up can be used on all your visitors or just a segment. There are possibilities to add dynamic content to you pop up to make most of the personalization capabilities. This article will give you a step by step guide to activate a static pop up for your audience.

“Targeted popup” is APSIS own build pop-up functionality. Enable it from the app store and activate it from the web data collection app.

  1. Add the tag “Targeted popup element” to the canvas and double click on it. Create and define your own content, design, size, position by changing the “HTML”, “CSS in frame” and “CSS of iframe”.

  2. Add a suitable trigger. Most commonly used for a pop-up is “Page load” and “Trigger after x seconds on page

  3. Add conditions and restrictions e.g. what page or section to show the pop up message on and any eventual segments. Please also be aware of the number of time to show the message. A commonly used condition is “restrict per session/visitor

  4. Example: