Profile Cloud has a few helpful bookmarklets to make working with Profile Cloud easier. Install them now to help with the rest of the steps.

Now that you have installed the script on your website, you can find the Bookmarklets in the same place, under the Settings tab in Web Data Collection.

Drag each Bookmarklet to your browser toolbar.

1) Get Profile ID

You can use this Bookmark to find your Profile ID on your website when Profile Cloud is installed. This is useful for checking what data is in your Profile when implementing Profile Cloud.

2) On-site widget

This widget helps you configure Profile Cloud rules by allowing you to point-and-click select elements on your site. We'll see this in action later on.

3) Dev mode*

When you are making changes to the website using Profile Cloud this bookmarklet allows you to check them without pushing those changes to production.

4) Live mode*

This bookmarklet takes you out of Dev mode so you can test the current website experience.

*Profile Cloud Web Data Collect supports two modes: dev mode and live mode. Dev mode is updated immediately when you make configuration changes in the Profile Cloud admin interface, while live mode requires you to make a 'deploy' action. By toggling to dev mode (using the bookmarklet), you can test your Profile Cloud configurations before making those changes available to all your site visitors. We will show this in action in later steps.

Bookmark Bar Help

If you are having difficulty getting the bookmark bar to work in your browser try these links.




Next Step

1. Creating your first Events

 Now that you are all set up we can create some events to add to the Profiles.