Now we have created and tested it on “dev mode”. Let's see what your Profile looks like.

On, click the “Get Profile ID” Bookmarklet. A window will appear with the Profile ID ready to be copied to your clipboard.

Profile Overview

Go to the Visualize menu and click on “Profiles Overview”

The Profiles Overview dashboard will look like this with probably less “recently active profiles” as your account will not have as many profiles yet.

Copy your Profile ID into the box and click “View Profile.”

The Profile

NOTE: This Profile View assumes the only event enabled is to capture the Page URL.

Your Profile should look something like the above. Here is some information about the different areas.

General Profile Info
Summarised information about the Profile including Events triggered over time, activity summarised by day of the week and the Pie Chart will show the share of event activity by different types of session. Location is IP based.
If the Profile fits into any segments they will be shown here.
If the Profile has any Attributes they will be shown here.
Events are grouped into Sessions. Summary information on the Session is shown here.
The stream of events is shown. As we are only collecting Page URL currently, those are shown with screenshots.

Try clicking around your website more to collect more Page URL’s. If you access your website from a different location, that will be shown on the map.

Next Step

3. Adding Profile Attributes & Session Data